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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 16, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PST

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make sure to tune in to fox news tonight at 6:00 p.m. bret baier will bring you coverage of the president's rifle arrival at newtown, connecticut. >> ed henry is traveling with the president, the president's fourth visit to the site of a mass shooting. it's been a tough weekend and will continue to be difficult. kelly wright, thank you for filling in. >> my pleasure. >> our prayers are with all the people of newtown, connecticut. no break from the grieving. the nation is mourning the victims of the horrific mass shooting in connecticut. president obama preparing to attend and interfaith vigil this evening in newtown, connecticut. while investigators try to piece
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together more information about what happened and why in that terrifying shooting spree. among the confusion and sorrow are stories of herosim like victoria soto, who reportedly used her own body to shield her first graders from gunfire. her hometown celebrated her life and selfless act of love and devotion to her beloved students. >> i just hope that one day he'll know she's in a better place and died a hero. >> the pain, how those mothers must be feeling at this time, because this is my only child. i couldn't picture that. that's why i'm here today, because she saved a lot of kids' lives. >> it's for so many, unimaginable. victoria soto was one of the 26 people killed at sandy hook elementary friday.
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according to police, of the 20 children attacked and killed, eight were boys, 12 were girls. all six adult victims were women. good morning, everyone, although it's not. especially in connecticut. i'm jamie colby, welcome to a brand-new hour. >> i'm eric shawn. we're trying to come to terms with the incomprehensible. why the suspected shooter would do this and what prompted him to target the innocent. we're learning more about adam lanza as well as details about his family and what might have triggered this horrendous rampage. peter doocy is live in newtown, connecticut with the very latest. hello, peter. >> eric, i spoke to one of adam lanza's classmates who told me adam was shy and the type of kid you could say hi to in the hall and he would say hi back but
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that was all the talking he would do. federal investigators will come here today visit gun stores and shooting ranges, searching for a hint about what led to this mass murder that took the lives of 26 people inside an elementary school, including 30-year-old lauren rousseau who got the permanent substituted teaching job she strived for. 16 victims were born in 1996, four in 1995 and every detail about what happened on friday seems to be harder who hear than the last. >> there were in cute kid stuff. they're first graders wearing cute kid stuff, you know. it's the kind of stuff you would send your kids or your are grandkids out the door to first grade in.
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>> flowers and candles and vigils popped up all over newtown. neighbors want to know how this happened. the aunt says the reason so many guns were in adam lanza's home was self-defense. >> self-defense. no other reason. they were not a violent family. they were not ones to -- she had it, it was have been for self-defense because she did live alone. >> the national support for the victims of this tragedy has been immense. just this morning, an anonymous person from north carolina donated 26 christmas trees set up right now on dickinson drive, the drive to sandy hook elementary school. locally just a street away from here, yesterday we came across a garage sale that was being run by two students who were inside sandy hook elementary when the shooting started. they got out and were selling
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their toys to raise money for the victims' families. back to you. >> peter, such heartbreaking stories that have deeply touched our nation this weekend. thank you, peter. the community of newtown, connecticut is struggling to come to grips. residents holding a vigil last night for those who were lost. president obama is expected to attend another planned one for this evening. for now, folks in the community are trying to be there for each other in this hour of need. >> we just got in from washington, d.c. and i saw what was happening. i just -- we had to get back as soon as we could. we have too many connections and too many people here we know that are involved. i pray god will heal these people who lost children. we have two young daughters and i just can't imagine what it must feel like. >> a town small enough where neighbors are feeling the pain even if they're not immediately affected. anna is live in newtown, connecticut with the community
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response. how are they doing today? >> reporter: they're struggling. during it time of despair, residents are struggling to make sense of this tragedy and remember there's still good in the world. church services like the one behind me are becoming memorial services honoring 20 innocent children and 6 adults who lost their lives. makeshift memorials are popping up all over, many reading pray for sandy hook. young children who had so much to look forward to are remembered on this sunday morning. emilie parker, her heartwarming smile, one of the many things her father will miss. >> i've been teaching her portuguese so our last conversation was in portuguese. and she told me good morning and asked how i was doing. i said i was doing well. she said they loved me and i gave her a kiss and i was out the door.
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>> kids that survived the massacre lost many of their playmates and some of their favorite teachers. third grader malia ali carried a poster paying tribute to victoria soto. >> she was a really good teacher. my favorite first grade teacher. >> last night hundreds gathered for what is normally a saturday night children's service at st. rose of lima church. some of the parents who lost their children mourning with neighbors during the standing room only service that spilled out in the sanctuary. parents are taking a break from planning funerals for their little ones. president barack obama is planning on visiting sandy hook later today, the fourth time he's visited a town mourning following a mass shooting. >> ann in a, thank you. i want to remind everybody when president obama does arrive in newtown, we will have live coverage of that interfaith
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vigil. bret baier will anchor that at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on "fox news channel." >> while the nation has been focused on the tragic events in connecticut, police and school officials in oklahoma disrupted a school shooting plot of their own. 18-year-old sammy chavez is behind bars, accused of plotting to bomb and shoot students in the auditorium of bartersville high school. luckily fellow students helped prevent a potential tragedy. >> our process worked well so we can build on that. what we have in place, we're going to continue to use that and hopefully we never have to deal with a situation like this again. anytime we're concerned about the safety of our students, that's the most priority. >> school officials there added extra patrols to keep people safe for the next few weeks.
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the shootings are sparking discussions about the best way to keep children safe at school. many schools around the nation are conducting standard security drills after the 1999 shooting in columbine but now some officials say it may be time to update those procedures. joining us now is dr. sony shepherd, safety analyst at safe haven international. great to see you. >> good morning. i would like to say our thoughts and prayers are with the town in connecticut and we're just horrified by that tragedy. >> it's just -- you can't even imagine what those families must be going through. and maybe we're going a step too far here being a little bit selfish in talking about how to keep our own kids safe but we hope to learn something from this. you were very kind in sending me a white paper to read about this. i find this interesting, it's called fight, flight, or
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lockdown. actually recommending that staff and students are taught how to attack active shooters. the teachers in this case did try to approach. what went right and what else can be done? >> well, you know, the interesting thing about the white paper that we sent, it outlines the pros and cons. there's some school of thought by practitioners that -- to try to fight and attack an attacker. while in some instances that can be effective, one thing that we need to caution schools in doing that is that you can make a situation more harmful in a situation where, for example, an aggressor may come into a classroom and wanting to take hostages and you fight them. that could turn a hostage situation into a shooting situation. we have seen that in this
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country. so that may not be the best alternative. >> it has to be analyzed quickly. it's life or death and you need to make a split-second decision. can you teach teachers -- can you teach students? >> absolutely. one of the approaches that we advocate over anything is what we call an all hazard approach. that is looking at safety safety holistically. we have to train teachers, you have to train educators to do mental simulation drills and practice response so they feel comfort the carrying out their function. also enpower them to make the necessary life-saving decisions without being told to do so. >> they have to do that and they have to teach our children also. is that too much responsibility for a teacher? should we not leave this to the professionals? how it do you feel about having a armed uniformed or
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plain-clothed security professional at the door of every schoolie the country? there. >> most schools have campus police who are armed. one thing we advocate for teachers, you have to do monthly fire drills. you have to do monthly drills. so let's take those drills and review them and see what worked well. remember, a fire drill is an evacuation drill. so we can take what we're it doing and improve upon that. we stress that when developing crisis plans, schools work with your local officials, with your law enforcement, with your fire, so you get local input to the best action to take. >> with parents, too, notifying them, what they can do as they hear it, for many, on the news. thank you, d very helpful information today. >> thank you.
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now to other news occurring this weekend. allegations of widespread voter fraud as egyptians cast ballots on a new constitution. the country's leader predicts a victory in the referendum they hope will end weeks of violent protests but some say could solidify a islamist state. greg is live with the latest. >> yeah, it seems the folks in favor of the constitution are in the lead. this is only the first of two rounds of voting and the results are preliminary. but what we're seeing is that the yes vote got 57%, no, 43%. turnout was low by egyptian standard and the opposition claims varies irregularities. as we've seen, washington was marred by violence. headquarters of a secular party
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attacked by islamist despite 20,000 troops in the street trying to keep the peace. >> what's the government saying about this? >> government's response to that is not too strong. they're pushing forward, which is basically what critics are saying, they're ramming it through. now they're ready for the next vote. this is a constitution that's divided this new democracy, favored by mohammed morsi and the muslims defenders say it's needed to gain the protection. next saturday's voting will happen in the rural areas of the country, favorable to the conservative islamist party. so at this point it seems this constitution's going to happen. there are a chances for the opposition to modify it after the fact but that's difficult. the new constitution also means there will be a new parliament voted in but islamists on that side are well organized.
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the fear is that the opponents, the critics, will again have to take it to the streets. >> all right, so potentially the violence and demonstrations may not end. as you heard greg report, the islamist predicted to score a victory in the weekend vote. what does it mean for egypt's future, the role of morsi and the potential of a islamist state in egypt. john bolton jones us about every sunday at this time. good morning, embassador. >> good morning. >> the new constitution says islam is the official religion of the state. what other impact is there of this constitution and what does it call for? >> i think it's a substantial step toward what the muslim brotherhood desired, and that is a egypt that comes under shahry are a law and a nondemocratic state. there was speculation the more
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extreme egyptians were going to vote against the constitution because they didn't believe it was sharia friendly enough. that clearly didn't happen and in the second round, there's no doubt this constitution will be adopted by a majority of those who voted. so i think the prospect is the brotherhood will try to consolidate power. i think there's every prospect the military and brotherhood will try to cut a deal. i don't think the military wants to see more violence in the streets. they've had a vote, this is what the pro democracy people wanted. had an election, a referendum and vote and they lost. i think the brotherhood is in very good shape in terms of consolidating power. >> what does this mean for us if indeed egypt moves to sharia law and potentially ruled and governed by the muslim brotherhood? >> the domestic issues in egypt
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are grave for the cop tick christians, for secular egyptians to don't want a religious state. but i think there are also profound implications for peace and stability in the region for the future of the camp david peace accord for israel. for what aid they give to radical islamist elsewhere in the region act the not just against israel but arab regimes friendly to the united states. there are profound consequences internally and externally if egypt keeps going. >> do you see what's happening in egypt and in syria, for example. new rise of islamist that are against our interest. >> that's right. syria is a case where it may be a blow to iran but given what we've seen about radical suny
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islamist, we're replacing one bad regime with another. the implications will spread. we've seen in libya the inability of the successor government to gadhafi to control the entire territory. same in yemen. the risk could cause the entire middle east to descend into a situation of near anarchy where all the varies crisis come together. >> you talk about near anarchy. sir where syria, libya, what cae obama administration do and what are they not doing that they should do toe stabilize it. >> i don't think they're paying adequate attention. it's manifestation of the fact the president doesn't care about national security. his priorities are domestic. he turns to it when he has to like the september 11 killings in benghazi but we still don't have answers as to why enhanced
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security wasn't provided before the attack and how to explain this story of the movie about the prophet muhammad as the cause of the attack. i think in egypt specifically we need to try and use our influence on the egyptian military to stabilize the situation. and to use all those billions of dollars of aide we've given over the years to try to prevent the international situation from deteriorating further. >> there's little or no evidence the president's paying attention. >> do you think it's fair to say he doesn't care about national security? he's the president. >> his record over the past four years, as he said during the 2008 campaign, he wanted to fundamentally transform america and that's what he set about doing. i don't think he's uncomfortable with decline in american influence internationally. that's what is playing out in the middle east right now. >> the vote continues next
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saturday likely to go even more conservative. embassador bolton, always good to see you. >> thank you. for these two hours we'll continue to follow the latest in the newtown, connecticut shooting massacre and the massive investigation still under way. it involves local, state, and federal agents fanning out across the state chasing leads they hope will shed light on the tragedy. we're learning more about the victims like 6-year-old emilie parker, whose grieving father talked to reporters after police released the names of the victim. somehow he found the strength to forgive. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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home stayed connecticut, senator joe lieberman talking about tragedy in newtown. he sat down with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" laying out his vision for the way he wants the government to deal with tragedies like this. >> this reminds me of the days and weeks after the terrorist attacks against us of 9/11 and at one point, john mccain and i said we can't let this go. we've got to create a national commission to investigate
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exactly the questions we're asking about newtown. how could this happen and is there anything we could do to try to prevent it from happening again? >> joining me, the anchor of "fox news sunday," chris wallace. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i want to follow up, the senator thinks we shouldn't overlook it. we talking about it, investigating what happened and trying to figure out where we go from here, but weeks from now when there's other news, is he optimistic our government will make changes that will make our kids safer? >> i don't see how you can be optimistic. we've had so many shootings and outportion of grief and nothing happens. can we take this and turn it into something useful? lieberman called for a national commission and some people are saying that's what we need,
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another commission. it's a complication issue. mental health, these kids in each of these cases, most young men, all with histories of mental illness. a lot of people have personality disorders, and it doesn't mean they're about to shoot people, but how do we detect the tipping point when they go over that line? also our culture. all of us who have kids see them with these darn video games and movies and things where they've seen thousands and thousands of acts of violence all fictional but over and over by the time they're ten years old. then there's the guns. it's not a simple answer but -- gosh, we can't let this to continue to happen and happen and happen. >> forgive me, for the first time i disagree. i agree with you on the video situation but if it turns out this mother acquired these guns
7:27 am
and took her sons to the range to learn how to shoot, that she was obsessed with self-defense, i think it stops with the parents. in this particular case, it could turn out to be it's not symptomatic of a mental disorder, like you said, plenty of people have asperger's and they're high functioning. many it's parental education. he thinks it's strictly the government's responsibility? >> of course not. it's part of society, it's part of our religious training and parents. but you know, jamie, a lot of parents take their kids to gun ranges and shoot guns perfectly and they don't indiana up get -- end up getting up, killing their mother and slaughtering 27 people in a school. that's something deeply disturbed about this kid or the relationship in the family. there are certain things we'll
7:28 am
never be able to do. we wouldn't want to go into every household and police it. whether it's mental health or the desensitization of people to violence, particularly young men. it's not the right to bear arms -- and a lot of people disagree but we should talk about the idea that you can have semiautomatic rifles and handguns that can kill so many people quickly. >> i guess my point is yes, you have the right to have all those things unless they fall into the wrong hands. this mother may have been the wrong person to have these weapons. in the meantime, a great guest to hear senator lieberman's take. >> let me say before we go, we're going to talk not just with lieberman and durbin and gun control, we talk to two sets
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of parents and their child about extraordinary acts of bravery. experts on school safety. one of the things we emphasize is the principal who ran to the gunfire, the 27-year-old first grade teacher who put herself in front of the shooter to protect the kids. there's a lot of good and strength. >> true heroes. we've learned a lot. that's for sure. we will from your program as well. thank you for bringing us a preview. >> "fox news sunday" you can catch chris wallace's interview with senator lieberman and he has democratic whip, senator dick durbin and the families. you'll want to hear their story. >> the aftermath of this shooting bringing the issue of mental health to the forefront of our national discussion. how do we know when someone needs help? how do they get it? can this be forced to? we will


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